Friday, January 22, 2010

How To Maintain Healthy, Clean Skin

1. Wash face in the morning, as well as at night. It is important to have a skin regimen because in order to get clean skin you have to work at it daily, as well as in order to keep clean skin. Your face encounters environmental pollutants in the air, weathering, as well as makeup and other cosmetics that you apply to your skin daily, that can cause clogged pores and break-outs.

2. Drink plenty of water so skin can stay hydrated and cells can regenerate, allowing for new, healthy cells to replace dead, and old ones. 8-10 tall glasses of water are highly recommended.

3. Use moisturizer after cleansing your face, because it restores natural oils that you washed away and helps skin to stay smooth and hydrated. Vitamin E-enriched moisturizers also aid in healthier skin, and helps replenish healthy skin cells.

4. As stated in tip #3, lotioning your body is also important after a shower or bath. Wherever there is skin, moisturize! Also, avoid using water on the skin that is too hot-it causes the skin to become drier (a tip I learned from my dermatologist). Use your judgment as to whether the water is comfortably warm or unbearably hot.

5. Take vitamins. They not only aid in cell regeneration (new cells replacing old cells, healing wounds quickly and effectively) and offer the skin essential nutrients, but they also give a burst of extra energy throughout the day to help one be more effective at work, school, gym, etc.

Dita Recommends: GNC Women's Ultra Mega Active Vitamins, $21, for 90 Caplets
                              GNC Women's Skin, Hair & Nails Vitamins, $20, for 60 Caplets
(Take both supplements daily, 2x a day, with food; Skin, Hair & Nail supplements are water soluble and will pass through the system without absorption if taken without another supplement).

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tips On Cleaning Out Your Closet: What to Wear, Store, or Let Go!

1. If you discover items that you have forgotten that you've own, chances are that you may not even use it, or wear it.

2. If you do stumble upon long-lost items, and you have trouble letting them go, try this: If you can add it to your current wardrobe within two weeks, it's a keeper. If you don't find yourself wearing soon after, get rid of it.

3. Store away items that can be used during the summer; Keep items that can be layered, or worn for the current winter season within reach.

4. Toss out those Old Navy flip flops from last Summer. Because they are affordable (2 for $5.00ea), they can be replaced. But also, dirt and bacteria from last year's strolls on the beach could have seeped into them.

5. Try to go over your garment/shoes each season to evaluate what to wear, store, or let go. This way you will always leave room for new things, but also compel you to wear what you already have. Get as much use from your purchases as much as possible!

6. Give away useful items, as well as those in good condition, to charity (Planet Aid, Red Cross, Salvation Army).  Remember, successful people are also generous people who give back to the community in some way. (Sarah Jessica Parker gives many of her fabulous clothes to consignment Boutiques in NYC)

I recently gave away six (and counting) garbage bags of good clothing away to Planet Aid. Why hang on to things that others in need can put to good use?

Monday, December 28, 2009

How to Dress Fab for New Years Eve

1. Choose shoes that are stylish, yet comfy. Don't choose shoes that will hurt your feet, because people can spot a woman in killer heels that are also killing her feet. We know that limp all too well, and it is nothing at all like 50 Cent's, lol.

2. If you choose to wear killer heels, drug stores as well as shoe stores have those stickers you can place under your shoes to combat slipping on someone's drink, as well as this new stuff that Band Aid created for strappy shoes to keep them from rubbing and chafing your toes.

3. Make sure your clothng fit properly. You do not want to ring in the New Year as a tacky hot mess. If you look good, you will feel good. I can't say that enough.

4. Try something new, be flashy for New Years. After all, it is a one-time-a-year event, and you also want to bring in a new year wearing something innovative. So dare to wear what you didn't dare to wear all year long, For those who are always looking conservative, here's a fun way to start another year with a new look. Sequins, sparkle, bright colors, and animal prints are some ideas, even red!

5. If you still can't find anything to wear or can't afford to buy anything new, pull out your little black dress (LBD) and accessorize with fun, sparkly shoes, a clutch or earrings. Pull out all of your fun clothes and mix and match, you just never know what you have-if you are like me, and have a lot of clothes and shoes, this can be the case. I have clothing with tags still on them.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

What Every Woman Should Have in Her Closet

(Crisp White Shirt, J Crew $54

"A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous"-Coco Chanel

1. Dark-Colored Suit-so you can mix and match (also cost-effective)
2. Pencil Skirt
3. Crisp, White Shirt-not one that "used to be" white, yuck. Totally unfabulous and distasteful

(LBD, Bebe $139)

4. Great Pair of Denim (for those who have the liberty to wear denim to work)
5. LBD-"Little Black Dress". This will take you to work, paired with a cardigan, or to an after-work cocktail party (as long as the length is appropriate for work).
6. A great pair of pumps (something reliable yet comfy, so you may have to spend a bit more for durability. (T.J. Maxx, Marshall's, DSW, Nine West, Filene's Basement, Macy's).
7. Basic T-Shirts allow for layering and are versatile-can be dressed up or down.
8. Trench Coat. No longer serves as a military necessity, these coats are simple, yet sophisticated.

Suggested Readings: Harper's Bazaar Great Style: Best Ways to Update Your Look

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dita's "First Date" Tips

1. Try to achieve a look that's simple, yet sexy. You don't want to appear as if you are trying to hard.
(which leads to #2)

2. Avoid being a "trend victim", someone who combines all of the latest trends into one outfit. You are not Beyonce or Sienna Miller. You may appear intimidating or materialistic, and may not ever see that gentleman again.

3. Please, wear clothing that is flattering, and don't wear clothes that are too tight or too baggy. You want to leave something to the imagination, and you also don't want to be dressed like your date. Femininity is sexy. If you wish to wear a fitted top, pair it with flary denim or a flowy skirt. You don't want to look like you are "for sale" and should be paid hourly for your "services".

4. Minimal make up is important. You don't want to look like "Ronna" McDonald, nor do you want your face to melt off on his shirt while you two are dancing. I am sure he doesn't want to be reminded that you wear MAC make up as he is trying to scrub a foundation stain out of his shirt.
5. Bring mints instead of gum, because they are more discreet, and it is unattractive for a woman to be chomping down on gum like a cow chewing it's cud. (Same for the men, we don't want to see you chomping either).

6. Bring a small make up case to adjust your lipstick/lipgloss, a mirror, and some tissue to keep any cosmetic nightmares in check. A date with a new guy is stressful enough, come prepared because some things can be avoided.

7. Confidence is key-when you look good, you feel good, and that translates to the date that you are with. If you are second-guessing an outfit, then change the outfit to something you know you look and feel great in. Tugging at your clothes may translate that you are not comfortable nor secure, and you won't be able to have fun-neither will your date if he takes notice.

8.**** This is not really related to fashion but I thought it was important to add. Please bring cash. As you may know not all dates end successfully. I remember having to pay for a meal because the poor soul I was with was oblivious to the fact that the Japanese restaurant we dined in was "cash only" (see my "Kitchen Sink" blog for more details on the importance of carrying cash). Not only that, I needed to catch a cab home because the date ended badly, and I needed to avoid an awkward ride home with the guy.

"Fashionably Late" Tips for X-Mas Shopping

1. If you are unsure what to get someone for X-Mas, get him/her a gift card. That way you are giving the gift of "choice" for X-Mas. What can be better than that? And you avoid walking around in crowded malls figuring out what to get.

2. If possible, go as early in the day or late in the day when shopping in a store. I work for retail giant H&M, and I noticed that the stores are either really empty towards the beginning of store hours, and empties out a couple of hours before the stores close.

3. Shop online to avoid the long lines at malls and stores. If you're a last-minute shopper as I am, go online. They may have offers for free, or reduced shipping costs. They may even feature some gift-with-purchase offers when purchasing online as well.  (I wouldn't recommend large purchases, since this is also the season for theft).

4. If possible, save some of your Christmas gift-swapping until after Christmas. There are plenty of retailers, such as Macy's and Filene's Basement who have deals on merchandise the day after Christmas. Plus, I love getting gifts AFTER everyone else. It makes me feel special!

5. Check your newspaper for circulars that may feature coupons. It is a recession, and no one has to know that you got his or her gift on sale or with coupons. Clip and Save.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

List of Tips To Remember When Shopping

  1. If you'd like to experiment with vibrant colors or prints, but you are either unsure how to, or are just intimidated, start off accessorizing in those colors or prints; Experiment with bracelets, earrings, or even a clutch.
  2. Don't break the bank trying to score the latest trends. Go to H&M, Forever 21, or Charlotte Russe for trends on the cheap; A trend can be fab today and drab tomorrow.
  3. Having a hair crisis? Grab a fashionable hat! Beanies and berets with pretty pins afixed to them shows the world you are channeling your inner fashionista, not suffering from a bad hair day.
  4. If you don't have the cash for a new wardrobe, buy new accessories (see #1.). New accessories can update any garment in your closet without breaking the bank.
  5. Just because something is expensive or on sale doesn't mean it is fashionable.
  6. Life is too short to live the same day twice; Stop dressing the same way all the time. For once, dare to be the 'red' in a sea of 'beiges'.
  7. Before buying certain items, ask youself how often will you use or wear them, then decide if it's worth the price  (see #5.).